Tips For Email Marketing – How To Double Your Profits With Email


If you are looking for tips for email marketing, then you have landed on the right article. Here I am going to show you how to double your profits with email, even in today’s almost anti-email climate. I will give you 5 tips for email marketing that you can take with you to the bank.

Tip 1 – Make Sure You Have A Constant And Consistent Lead Flow

This is the first and perhaps most important of the tips for email marketing. These days, when email open rates and click-through rates are falling, it is even more important than ever to get more subscribers to your email list. This means having a constant and consistent lead flow.

It has been documented that no matter how well you build a relationship with your subscribers, most will lose interest after an average of 1 and a half years. So you always need new leads to replace the old ones. Goes against the grain right? Well, that’s the reality of email marketing.

Tip 2 – Email More Often

People are getting bombarded with more and more information from everywhere these days. So to get your subscribers’ attention, you can’t just hide and let others get their attention. You have to get your messages out there more often, so to speak. In other words, you have to email your subscribers more often. You can even email daily if necessary. The key is to ‘train’ your subscribers so they know they frequently they get your emails. If you send email every 2 days, try to keep to that mailing schedule.

Tip 3 – Use Unconventional Subject Lines

As email open rates are falling, you have to make your subject lines work harder for you to get more people to open your marketing emails. One great way to do this is to use unconventional subject lines.

Let’s say every other company or marketer in your market is using long subject lines. In this case, you use short subject lines to stand out from the crowd. Or you can use more imagination in your subject lines to make people immediately curious when they read them. This makes them want to open the email right away to find out what you are talking about.

Tip 4 – Keep Emails Short

As people are more and more starved of time these days, keeping emails short is key to getting them read. Ideally, emails should be no longer than just a few sentences. Very few people these days want to read an entire article in an email.

Your goal is to get your subscribers to click the links in your email to get to the sales page or to your content pieces such as your blog post or video. Move them away from the email clutter and on to your own web property where their attention is more likely to be fully focused on your sales page or your content.

Tip 5 – Include 3 Or More Links In An Email

A super tip to increase your click-through rates dramatically is to simply include more links in your email. Just having one link can work if your email is super short (like having one sentence only and a link to a web page), but ideally you will want to include at least 2 links, and ideally 3 or more links in your emails. Emails with more links have been proven to get higher click-through rates.


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