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Imagine getting free high quality, targeted traffic to your website. How much would that be worth to you? What if you could get it for free?! Sound too good to be true? Its easy, and its free!

Imagine being able to promote your website, establish credibility and build a solid customer base just by pressing submit! You can get free publicity by writing articles that publishers can post in their newsletters or post on their website. By submitting your content to article directories, you can potentially reach tens of thousands of Internet users. If your article is good enough, you may find out that it gets published in an e-zine that is read by millions of subscribers across their network. How much would you pay for that kind of exposure? The good news, is that you don’t have to.

The key to finding success in article submission starts with and ends with your content. Not surprisingly, if your article is well written, and compelling, with an attractive call to action, you will get the results you are looking for.

Here are a couple of tips for you:

a) Keep the articles short. The average attention span of most internet users is short. If you write a long expose on your product, you’re likely to lose their interest. Keep the article to approximately 750 – 1000 words. If they are interested, your resource box will direct them to your site, where they can learn more.

b) Keep the article focused. Focus in on one tip or solution. Sell the reader on the idea that you can provide them with answers they are looking for. This will get them interested in visiting your site to see what other tidbits of information your site provides.

c) Keep It Simple. While you may be well versed in your product and solutions, you want to attract a wider range of potential customers. By keeping the article in simple terms, you can attract both the experienced and the novice to your solutions. Speak from your experience, which builds credibility with your reader.

d) Don’t gain the credibility and integrity you have built with the reader, only to lose it with grammatical and spelling errors. Have someone proof read your article.

e) Avoid selling. You have a website for that. Provide advice that has value based on your experience. This will entice the reader to go to your site to learn more. Avoid using affiliate codes within the body of your site, since this will make your advice look biased. Also, publishers want quality content. Sell them on the fact that you can provide solutions to their problems, not to the product you are pitching. Let your website do that when they visit you.

f) Work just as hard on your resource box as the rest of your article. Your resource box provides your chance to invite them to your site, which is how you will get instant, high quality, targeted traffic. Keep it to a maximum of 6 lines. Remember to link your keyword to your site. This will help improve your search engine rankings for that key phrase.

g) Before you submit: Follow the publishers guidelines. If you don’t follow the guidelines, its likely that you will find that your article will be deleted and an opportunity lost.

h) Use an attention grabbing headline. Like a sign in a store front that catches your eye, if you use an attention grabbing title, the reader will instantly want to know more.

There are several websites that will publish your articles. Go to Google and type in the words ‘submit and article + your area of interest’. You may also want to consider purchasing Article Announcer which will help to automate this process. While it may appear expensive, this software package is worth it if you plan on submitting several articles to ezine directories.

Impact of Press Release in SEO

All companies want to brag something about their products or services. Owners always want to let the whole world know about their companies to get more customers and to increase their sales. This is where online marketing takes place.

You must have a good online marketing strategy to have a successful online business. There are lots of ways to capture the attention of your potential customers. You can have all the available advertising tools online such as advertising on the search engines, online advertisements, affiliate programs, newsletter distribution through email and a lot more.

One of the best ways for cost effective marketing is creating a press release for your site. There are many press release services available on the Internet, you can choose whether you like it to be free or paid. Of course there were lots of differences between those two services. On free press release services, the features are limited. Like on some press release distribution sites, you cannot insert HTML tags, and you cannot upload your images. On the other hand, paid press release services can have your release featured on their site. In short, your release can be more visible. But keep in mind that money alone will not guarantee that your press release is read by your targeted visitors. You must also have an appealing announcement to attract visitors and readers.

Creating a press release for your site is not enough, you have to take another step, which is publishing your release and getting it read by your targeted readers. Publishing a press release can help your search engine optimization work. By having your link on your release pointing to your site, you can acquire more backlinks and you can also boost your web site promotion.

Acquiring backlinks is very important in search engine optimization. The more backlinks you have, the greater the possibilities to have a higher page rank in Google. The higher your page rank, the greater the possibilities to have a higher search position for your particular keyword. The higher your search engine position, the more traffic you get for your site. Remember that most of the researches only click those links on the top pages. They wouldn’t waste their time searching on the 100th page. Search engines also rely on backlinks to determine how popular a website is. The more websites linking to your site is a good indication that your site is reliable and offers something useful to your visitors.

The main purpose of a press release is to let your products, services, or companies be known. In short, it’s about promotion. Create an interesting and attractive press release and choose a good press release distribution site for better promotion and for successful search engine optimization.

What is a Press Release SEO & Press Release Ideas

Press Release SEO

A respectable company interested in publicity and active social life is obliged to have public relations department. Every product needs to be advertised and every service needs to be informed about. This is what advertising agencies are for. But publicity is also a way to advertise and PR agents in Hollywood know it perfectly well. Of course, nobody is talking about details of private life or accidental cases that have nothing to do with morality. The public should know latest news from the company whose services they are going to use. If there is information that can draw attention and both promote, why not to give it to the public.

Information about corporate news or event is called a press release, a news release or a press statement. A standard press release is a short sequence written and forwarded to representatives of the news media to announce something that is of a news value. Press releases are sent to editors of magazines, on the radio or television and online. The purpose is to inform about an event or a conference and draw attention of mass media to it. Companies providing seo copywriting services use press releases to increase the ranking of the client in the search engines. It only may seem easy to create press release, but it also has its system, standards, format and principles just like any written kind of creation. Here are some useful tips on how to write a press release.

It is absolutely necessary to be sure that news you want to present is newsworthy. If the reason you sat down to write a release is not very attention drawing, wait until you have more information and details on the topic. Make sure that your release is laconic and brief. There is no need to describe all the details in the release itself, wait till due to the effort of journalists people will be interested in your event and then you’ll have an opportunity to tell about it in person. Make your press release sound simple, no need to use excessive adjectives and fancy language. Think about people’s attitude towards what are you going to inform about and use only strong sides of the event. First 5-10 words of the release are very important and exactly they are responsible for the first impression from the release. They have to get reader interested in what is going to happen further. Structure it right: give a short sequence of the news and only then define who was the initiator or the person of address. Make this press release work for you. Some positive information about a company simply called promotion will be helpful in further job of journalists. As you see a press release is a powerful marketing tool that builds credibility.

Ask yourself what readers or a reporter will be interested in.

Are you launching a web site?

Is there an issue you can protest?

Do you offer an apprenticeship or internship?

Do you have an employee that is retiring?

Have you won an award, contest or special certification?

Are you introducing a new product or service?

Are you making a major change to your products or services?

Have you been mentioned in a book or article?

Have you become a member of an association?

Are you making a change in pricing –especially reductions?

Are you offering a new training program for employees?

Can you take part in a controversy?

Can you write about a customer’s success story?

Is there something new or unique about your company or organization?

Can you release a testimonial received from a customer?

Can you publish results of a poll or survey?

Are you sponsoring a program or event?

Do you offer free advice?

Are there any unusual products or services that you offer?

Can you publish a summary of useful or new facts?

Has one of your customers received an award?

Do you know a way for people to save time or money?

Can you write a letter to the editor?

Are you holding a seminar or lecture?

Has one of your offices moved or expanded?

Are you having a half price sale?

Have you completed a study or research project?

Has one of your employees won an award?

Is some kind of special event happening for your company?

Are you attending or hosting a trade show or exhibition?

Have you had a visit by a celebrity?

Do you have a unique way of selling or producing your product or service?

Can you work with the media on a joint project?

Have you been involved in legislation?

Do you have a unique projection or forecast?

Do you have a new trademark?

Do you have a new publication?

Are you opening a new physical or virtual branch location?

Are you involved with fundraising or other events?

Are you speaking at a conference or seminar?

Are you celebrating a company anniversary?

Have you obtained a new client or large new customer?

Do you have a unique product or service?

Can you adapt a national survey or report to explain your own company’s news?

Have you received significant recognition in your field?

Have you discovered a new use for your product or service?

Are you running for office?

Are you holding a competition or contest?

Do you have news that could affect people’s health or make life easier?

Are you giving away free samples or demo accounts, etc?

Can you write a tie-in with a current news event?

Are you involved with civic activities?

Have you spoken in front of a noteworthy audience?

Are you offering a reprint of a speech?

Do you have a great testimonial to tell?

Have you published a report or any kind of useful or new information?

Have you testified as an expert witness?

Have you won a new contract?

Can you make a timely analysis or prediction?

Is someone on your staff receiving a promotion?

Do you have any community value that you can tell about?

Have you had an interview or meeting with a celebrity?

Can you hold an event to tie with a holiday or special occasion?

Is your company involved in any charitable or community actions that has an upcoming event?

How Use A Press Release To Get A Flood Of High Quality, One-Way Links To Your Website

How Use A Press Release To Get A Flood Of High Quality, One-Way Links To Your Website

Article Body:
In this article I want to give you a white-hat (read ethical good guys) search engine optimization technique to dramatically increase one-way links into your site.

You most probably know that in order to rank well you need lots of in-bound links, and not just any kind of link. They have to be links from thematically related web pages/web sites.

So let’s say that you have a website about how to build a straw bale house. I order to get links to it, you are going to need to hunt down websites that are themed around “straw bale building”, “sustainable building”, ” natural building”, “green architecture” etc.

One of the quickest ways to get one-way links (not reciprocal links) is by sending out press releases. I have been using PRweb for this since 2004, primarily because they are a highly respected service and you can choose either a free or paid submission.

I recently submitted a press release for a software tool I had put together. I paid $80 to (you can submit your release for free though, but I wanted to increase my exposure) and here are the following stats to date:

Reads – 71,232 (This number shows how many times my press release was accessed on PRWeb).

Estimated Pickups – 2,491 (The number of times my release was picked up by a media outlet).

When I look in Google I see that this press release returns 399 results. All with links pointing back to my website. Not bad for about one hours work.

But remember, you can’t just throw up a keyword stuffed press release in the vague hope that you will get distribution. Which is why I advise that you stay away from any so-called “press release submission software”.

Think about it. Webmasters want to provide value to their visitors, so only good, high quality content will get picked up. Spam will not!

And as with search engine submission, you don’t need to submit to every single search engine out there, you just need to get picked up by a couple and the rest follow. The same is true for submitting press releases, and is the Google of the press release distribution services.

Also many folk are under the misunderstanding that the value of the link comes from being on the press release service, well that’s not the case, the value of the link comes from the site that posts your press release. So the more thematically similar the publication site is to yours, the more value the link will carry. Yet another reason to submit high quality press releases.

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