Managing Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

The ability to effectively manage a pay per click advertising campaign is with out a doubt one of the most valuable skills any online advertiser can have. Being that pay per click or PPC marketing is the fastest, most efficient method for presenting a business message to the global market, learning to put the huge potential of this marketing technique to work for you is well worth the effort.

The ultimate goal of any PPC advertising campaign is to minimize cost, while at the same time producing maximum results. This is true for any form of marketing or advertising.

There are several factors to consider when we talk about producing maximum results through your pay per click advertising. The first, and probably the most straight forward factor to consider is exposure. That is; through your advertising efforts, how many potential customers are likely to come into contact with your business’s message.

As the leading search engine giant, Google by far has the largest network and greatest reach online. Top listing by a leading search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Windows Live Search is as good a guarantee for online exposure as anyone is likely to offer.

Obtaining top listing is sometimes easier said than done. Listing rank is usually determined by Bid Amount, Click through rate, as well as ad, keyword, and landing page relevance.

Bid amount refers to the amount you are willing to pay per click on your ad message for a particular keyword. Click through rate is determined by the number of times your ad message is shown verses how many times your ad is clicked, which is a measure of your ad’s overall effectiveness at obtaining the “click”. Relevance refers to how closely your chosen keyword is related to the ad’s message, and the corresponding landing page.

Along with exposure, another consideration would be the degree of targeted traffic your efforts produce, and the nature of that traffic.

If your ad message has to do with digital software, exposing that ad to thousands of fresh water fishing enthusiasts isn’t likely to produce the best response. This topic ties closely to the relevance of your overall campaign.

Producing the maximum results means exposing your business message to the maximum number of targeted potential customers who ultimately click through to your web page.

There are several effective methods for reducing the cost of your overall campaign. One method is to research your potential keywords and bid on those that receive a low amount of bid competition. The less competition there is for a certain keyword, the less you are likely to spend in order to rank favorably.

Another method is to improve the click through rate of your pay per click advertising message by tracking the performance of various combinations of headline and body copy, and combining the most effective. The better your click through the better your ad ranking; the less you spend on list position.

By far one of the best methods for reducing PPC cost is addressing the issue of keyword relevance. The relevance of your keyword to your headline, body copy, and landing page content, the higher your ad listing will rank, the better your click through rate is likely to be, and the less you’ll need to pay per click.

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