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Have you ever wonder why some websites are more successful than the others? Have you purchased a ready-made website, fire it onto the web and realize that there is no traffic to the website? Are the gurus having secrets that you don’t know? Is there a missing software that you need to purchase?

The truth is, the problem doesn’t lie on the website being created. The problem lies in you. Websites don’t promote itself, you have to put in the effort to promote is. Two persons can purchase the same set of ready-made website but one person is much more successful than the other because the successful one spends time promoting it whereas the other one simply upload the website and hope miracles to happen.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to promote a website, but it does require some time and some consistent effort. In this article, I’m going to share with you a simple and surefire way to promote your website – through article marketing.

What do I mean by promoting your website? When I say promoting your website, I’m talking about getting more websites linking to your website. That’s promotion and that’s the most important thing you need to do after you have launched your website. That is the main difference between a successful website and a failed website.

Forget about link exchange. In most cases, if you have a new website, chances are, other webmasters are not interested in linking to you! Also, it takes a lot of time to search for link partners and convince them! I would rather spend that time to create one more website. Think link exchange only when you have a PR of 3. Use what I’m going to share with you to build your website to PR3.

  1. Submit articles to hundreds of article directories.

Create articles about your web site, add your own resource box/byline to the articles and submit them to article directories. Remember to link to your website through your keywords, not your url address. This will increase your search engine ranking for the keywords.

Some of the article directories you can submit include:

  1. Bookmarking

There are more than 50 bookmarking website your can bookmark your website. Bookmarking websites have high PR and they are frequently visited by search engine spider. This is another excellent way to gain one way traffic to your website and even get your website listed!

Below are some of the bookmarking website you can use:

  1. Blogging

Blog is another type of website frequently visited by search engine spider. Do a search on the blog related to your website and post some useful comments to the blog. This is how you can get some good links to your website.

Commit yourself to spend 1 hour a week to do these three promotions. After 1 month, you will realize that you are automatically getting good ranking in some non competitive keywords. By then, if you are monetizing through adsense, you should be to earn 1-2 dollars a day. This should give you enough motivation to continue promoting your website and add more pages to your website.

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