Referral Marketing to Earn You More Customers

The gurus vary a bit on the exact statistic, but all will tell you: Top salespeople in virtually every industry become that way because they have developed the habit of sending personal, heart-felt “Thank You” cards to their customers. As a result — they get more referrals (a lot more referrals) — and consistently out perform their competitors by as much as 10 to 1.

Most Realtors (and Lenders, Insurance Agents, & Financial Advisors for that matter) know this — but fewer than 5% do it consistently. Fewer still, actually use this simple strategy to ask for referrals.

For these categories particularly, REFERRALS are the lifeblood of their business. In my town (Atlanta), the President of any given networking organization (BNI, Le’ Tip, Power Core, Freedom Builders . . . you name it), is almost always from one of these fields. It’s a good strategy. It works. But that’s just it — It’s one good strategy.

One good strategy — that can easily be 10X more effective by putting a new twist on the proven discipline of sending “Thank You” cards.

STEP ONE: Re-dedicate yourself to consistently sending “Thank You” cards to your customers. Even if you do it the old fashioned way (There’s a better way — a completely automated, yet incredibly personalized way — and it costs a great deal less) . . . but even if you do this the old fashioned way of going to the local card store, sitting at your desk to write each note, stuff and stamp the envelope . . . the ROI is phenomenal.

STEP TWO: Send “Thank You” Cards to the people you buy from.

ALMOST NO ONE DOES THIS (maybe 5% of the 5% who do anything with “Thank You” cards at all) — and it’s Pure Gold !!!

STEP THREE: Send “Thank You” cards to people from your networking groups when they give you referrals. (I sometimes include a Starbucks gift card.)

STEP FOUR: Use personalized greeting cards for “cross promotion” with your networking group members — to their expanded network.

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