Network Marketing Success – How Do I Grow My MLM Business Without Buying Leads and Cold Calling?


I wrote my 5 compelling reasons for wanting to have a network marketing business (my WHY). I made my Top 10 Prospects list and reviewed it with my sponsor. I chased my friends, family and everyone else on my warm market list. A few of them joined my opportunity, but not enough to create the residual income I dream of. So I bought leads and cold called hundreds of people. That netted one sign-up, and she quit after a few months.

Now what? How do I continue to grow my MLM business without going broke? The solution is to engage in Attraction Marketing on the Internet. What’s Attraction Marketing? It’s making yourself “attractive” to prospects by offering them something of value, such as information. This allows the prospect to learn more about you, to get to know you before being confronted with any buying decisions. This begins to develop a relationship of trust, so the prospect might eventually become a customer. In the ideal scenario, the customer must feel that the value of everything you provided them exceeds the price they paid.

So how do you go about providing information to potential customers? First, develop an expertise or at least a passion for something related to your business. Then be sure your information is accessible when potential customers are looking for it. In other words, make it easy for search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, to show your information when a prospect is searching. This means prospects are now coming to you, rather than you chasing them. This is far more effective in the long run.

Some of my favorite tools are writing articles like this one and submitting them to Ezines. The search engines will find this type of content and show it in search results. Another easy way is to develop Squidoo Lenses, which are similar to EzineArticles but with fewer editorial guidelines. Developing a blog and linking it to your Squidoo Lenses is also effective. Don’t overlook Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to get exposure to additional prospects. Lastly, there’s my son’s favorite: YouTube. This requires some equipment and perhaps some talent, but most folks can create an acceptable video with a little coaching and practice. It’s most effective in building that trust because the prospect can see what you look like and hear your voice. Sincerity is vital. No pushy sales hype!

You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned Pay-Per-Click ads on Google or Yahoo. Because PPC advertising costs money, potentially big money if you’re inexperienced. All of the tools I have suggested are free. I like no-cost lead generation.

I’ve shared my favorite tools for free online marketing. Now go out there and offer valuable information to potential prospects and see how many leads you generate.


Source by Kathryn Hargis

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