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We know that one great way to make money online is with the use of adsense adverts being displayed on your websites. Lets briefly break down how adsense works with an example. Lets say that you have a website based on Gardening. When you sign up for an adsense account and place the adsense coding in your web pages, it automatically displays relevant adverts on your website of other websites in your same niche.

It does this simply by detecting your keyword usage in your meta tags. By placing adsense adverts on your websites, you earn extra revenue based on a pay per click basis. The adverts that show up on your website are from people who have created adwords adverts for their websites. So basically, if they bid 35 cents for the keyword phrase “how to garden” in their adwords account, you will receive approximately 35 cents every time someone clicks on their advert( which is placed on your website) under the phrase “how to Garden”.

So that’s roughly how adsense adverts work. But lets talk about an important aspect of Adsense, that being which keywords will give you the highest pay rate and how to go about finding them. Most people have probably spent a fair amount of time doing research on the internet, trying to experiment with different websites to see how much they receive for those particular adverts. This of course can be very time consuming. At this point in time I currently have access to and utilise a database of approximately 2.4 MILLION different search terms, their Cost per click values and their daily click estimates.So If you are serious about trying to earn more money online with your websites and interested in reading more about an adsense product which can offer this knowledge

If you’re not in it for money – Adsense making money tips

To paraphrase the lovely Shania Twain – “If you’re not willing to give it all you’ve got- get out of here!”

It’s easy to waste your time trying to understand the internet business and end up being in a daze, surrounded by too many miracle cures and instant success stories.

It’s like a tsunami of information drowning you, and there is no escape to higher ground.

I don’t know how someone got my email address, but some drongo (an Aussie term – you’ll figure it out!) wrote to me asking me to put in just 5 dollars and immediately get back 20 without my doing anything…. one of those “instant cash doubler” schemes.

After all this time I’ve got more common sense… and so should you…than to get into his “program.” That common sense will tell you that the only way you will get back 20 dollars for five is if five other mugs like you fall for his scam and front up with their five dollars, so that the promoter can pay you and keep some for himself.

All very well if you are one of the first in line, and get your seed money back with just one payout, but that very rarely happens.

I just got I don’t know how many of these “miracles” and at least one “Next
Product” alert in my mailbox which is supposed to help me get instant riches in internet marketing.

Listen, if you really want to make serious money, you have to be one of these promoters, cobble together a few tips and tricks that anyone can get for free, give it a catchy name, and get one of the big hitters to promote it to their list. I’m sure you’ve seen your inbox flooded by lots of these people, all trying to sell you the same thing, and with ever increasing bonuses which you will never use, but they sound great.

However, for most of us down in the food chain, that’s not a realistic option – we don’t have our own product, and no guru will touch us.

Let me tell you, the only solid money I’ve ever made is from using Google Adsense to make money. Sure I won’t retire from it, but I am making around $2.50 a day from my sites. Not much, I know, but what if I had an Adsense network of 100, or even 200 sites? (That’s $50 a day for you non-accountants!) That’s how much you can make, and that’s the secret of making money with Adsense.

You can not only use Adsense on your site, you can use Adsense in WordPress blogs, use all the Google information marketing tools, Adwords etc.

Of course the drawback is that you have to set up those 200 sites and maintain them with constantly changing content, and that content has to be sufficiently interesting to make a few people click on a few ads.

However, there are ways to do this, using RSS feeds, feeds from other blogs, and other auto blogging techniques, but be wary of not overdoing it, make sure the feeds add genuine interest to your site.

The main problem will be in setting up 200 attractive, keyword and Adsense rich sites.

To do this yourself will take a lot of time, effort and money, and you will never do it if you’re just mucking around with internet marketing.

You will have to spend some serious cash on hiring someone to do it for you, or get a website generating software program, and a really good one will not be cheap, but if you’re serious, you will spend that money, which gets back to the thrust of my opening paragraph – “If you’re not willing to give it all you’ve got – get out of here!”

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