How to Do Effective Email Marketing


Email marketing is a powerful tool in the internet marketing industry. Knowing how to put together an effective email marketing campaign can multiply an online business’s profits substantially.

To start, it’s good to know what you should not do with an email marketing campaign. Making these mistakes can cause you to lose many members of your email list, in addition to having them send your messages to a spam folder.

What not to do with email marketing:

  • Don’t try to sell a product in every mail – if you do this, no one on your list will want to open your messages.
  • Don’t use spammy wording – in particular, the word “free” in your emails will send your mail straight to the spam folder for many systems.
  • Don’t be overly complex in your mails – email is a quick fix for information for most people, they’re not ready to read novels. Keep it simple to understand.
  • Don’t be tempted to make it flashy – again, email is meant to be a message. Many email programs automatically block some graphics, and doing overproduction in an email lessens the personal touch.
  • Don’t try to talk to everyone in your message – you should target just your specific audience. The people in your email list are on it for distinct reasons – remember that when you write your mails.
  • Don’t go crazy with excitement – using a huge number of exclamation marks and capitalized words will turn off your readers. Keep it organized.

As you write your emails, being careful not to trip up on the above issues, remember to do the things with your mails to keep your readers interested and happy.

What you should do for effective email marketing:

  • Make it personal – most people treat email as a means of communication with people they like. If you’re likable, this will make your mails opened more often. Using their name, if possible, can also be beneficial.
  • Offer an easy unsubscription option – if it’s easy to unsubscribe, it will instill more trust in your readers, since the power to drop you is in their hands.
  • Give your readers GOOD information – don’t just list something you found randomly that’s related to your market. Give them quality information, and they will want to hear more from you.
  • Be interesting! – Boring emails get closed up fast. If you can give your hook early in the message, you’ll have your reader want to keep reading.
  • Know how to tease – if you have a page you want your readers to visit, give them just enough information to make them intrigued, but don’t give it all away. Have the rest of the story you started be available through your link.
  • Use tools of the trade – knowing which tools to use for email marketing can make a big difference. One of these tools is the autoresponder – it can often save a lot of time and effort.

Now by following these tips, you can have a truly effective email marketing campaign. By doing this, you can instill trust in your customers, and have them interested in your emails, as opposed to dreading them. Write quality emails, have happy customers, and see the positive results of effective email marketing by doing it right.


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