How To Create Best Website For Adsense

A question even more asked, could be: What is better to use Adsense on, a blog or a website?

But, let’s first talk about more fundamental things, such as: What is a good website in general?

• How do we choose a theme?
• Will the theme of my website attract many visitors(traffic)?
• How do I give value to the visitor?
• Am I passionate about the topic of my website?
• Will Google accept or decline my website?
• Do I put Adsense ads on it from the first day?

Maybe these questions are not written in the good order, but we have to take them in consideration before we go ahead and put some crappy website on the net, with nothing useful on it. We even ask ourselves, why we are not succeeding to make revenue from Adsense ads.

So, first of all we have to determine what theme we will choose for our website or blog. The next question pops up and says:

How do we choose a theme?

To make things easier for us we will choose a theme that we are interested in or even passionate about. That way we will not easily fall in a state of procrastination.

Will the theme of my website attract many visitors?

To be able to know that, we will do a search in the search-engines typing our theme within quotes. The number of competing websites will tell us that it will either be easy or difficult to rank for the main ‘keywords’ of our website. However choosing long-tail keywords(or multiple keyword phrases) will bring up less competing websites and make it easier to rank for those 2 or 3 word phrases.

How do we offer value to the visitor?

If we are passionate about a topic we will put more effort in the creation of our website and be able to offer much more value to the visitor. We will have more basic knowledge about the topic. This will make it easier for us to create content to publish on our website. Very often when your theme has something to do with your hobby or your job you will be able to write enough unique content with the knowledge you already have about the subject.

Will Google accept or decline my website ?

To know that we will have to find out what Google expects from an Adsense publisher. Google wants you to deliver a complete website that offers information that is relevant to what the searcher asks for in the search-box on the page of the search-engine.

Google gives more value to a website that offers unique and fresh content. Content that is not written by a software application, but that reads like a human has written it.

In addition the website will be well structured and display a menu with text-links to other pages in the website with related content and information about the webmaster, including contact information. Doing the above will help you to be accepted for the Google Adsense program easily.

Do I put Adsense ads on my website from the first day?

Actually it is not a good idea to start displaying Adsense ads right away. The most successful websites are those with a history of offering good solid information to the visitors. Having incoming links from high PR directories and important websites related to the theme of the websites. Having the ads on your website could form a barrier for webmasters of authority sites or directories to create links to your website, because they could have the impression that your only goal is to earn revenue from the ads instead of offering quality content to the visitor.

A good idea would be to start building your website as described above. Continue offering good information and building links with high PR and authority sites until your site has been indexed by Google and displays it on the first page for most of your keyword phrases.

After that you can start to monetize your website with the Google Adsense ads. At that time you will have the right visitors to your website that are interested in the theme of your website and also in the titles that the ads display. In addition you will have enough traffic to make a decent amount of money from the Adsense ads.

In conclusion it is important to maintain the hard work that is necessary to keep growing your website with unique content related to the theme of your website. The traffic will grow slowly but sure and as a result your Adsense revenue will grow too

WebsiteLocationSales RevenueTech SpendSocialEmployeesTraffic India$5000+Very High United Kingdom$10000+3,000,000+10,000+Very High China$500+Very High$0+ Russia$2.2m+$2000+500+Very High United States$2000+Very High United States$2000+Very High China$119k+$50+Medium China$50+ United States$250+Medium United Kingdom$2000+2,000,000+100+Very High$50+1,000+Very High$2000+Very High United States$50+High Germany$5000+100+Very High China$500+Very High United States$250+50+Very High China$2000+Medium United States$10000+Medium United States$2.2m+$2000+2,000+100+Very High United States$10000+300,000+1,000+Very High$10000+2,000,000+1,000+Very High United States$5000+5,000+100+Very High United States$10000+3,000,000+1,000+Very High United States$10000+3,000,000+1,000+Very High United States$1000+5,000,000+100,000+Very High United States$1000+5,000,000+100,000+Very High United States$500+5,000,000+100,000+Very High Sweden$5000+100,000+Very High India$2000+Very High Japan$2000+200,000+Very High United States$2000+Very High United States$10000+20,000+10,000+Very High$2000+ Czech Republic$10000+500+100+Very High$2000+High United States$5000+Very High United States$5000+150,000+100+Very High Japan$2000+1,000+Very High China$2000+Very High

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