How NOT to Publish an Ezine

I have written several articles on how to publish an ezine, so this time I thought it might be interesting to write an article on how NOT to publish an ezine.

Sometimes it helps to learn things when you can look at both sides of the prices – the right way and the wrong way. So here goes – what NOT to do when publishing an ezine.

  1. Leave out your name and contact info – Who would want to get in touch with you anyway. Your readers don’t care if there is a real live dependable person writing the ezine. NOT!

Your readers definitely want to know that there is a real person there that they can contact if they want or need to. This helps establish trust.

  1. Put as many squiggles and decorations in your ezine as possible – So, your readers get a headache while trying to read your ezine, deal with it. NOT!

Squiggles may look cute, but they could make it hard for many people to read your ezine. Keep the design neat and clean for easy reading.

  1. Load the ezine with ads – I mean after all, isn’t that why you are publishing your ezine. NOT!

No, you are not publishing an ezine to run tons of ads, you are publishing an ezine to build that important relationship of trust and respect with your readers. This helps build your business and your reputation.

  1. Don’t bother sending it out regularly – After all, most people can’t read it every time anyway. NOT!

How can people trust and believe what you say when they can’t even depend on you to send your ezine on schedule.

  1. Don’t add any original material – Just use all the same material other publishers are using. It works for them, why not for you. NOT!

Always have original material in your ezine, even if it is just an editorial or some tips.

  1. Why bother with a disclaimer or privacy policy – Readers know their email is safe with you. They also figure if it is in your ezine, you recommend it. NOT!

Never assume anything. Your readers want to be assured that their email is not being handed out for profit or promotion. Also, you want your readers to know that they should check out all offers, opportunities and ads. Just because it is in your ezine, does not mean you are recommending it.

  1. Content is content, right – As long as your ezine is full of “stuff”, it is helpful. NOT!

Try to give your readers basic, straightforward, helpful information that they can actually use to benefit them. Don’t use hyped up ads disguised as tips or articles. Quality content is key.

  1. Don’t let your readers get to know you – They are interested in your ezine, not you. NOT!

Your readers need to know you so they can trust you and know that they can depend on you to publish a consistent, quality ezine.

  1. Don’t bother formatting the ezine correctly – Who cares how many characters are in each line, it all reads the same. NOT!

Definitely format your ezine uniformly and evenly. You want to produce a clean, sharp, professional ezine.

  1. Don’t waste time proofreading. Everybody makes mistakes, right? What is a mistake or two – nobody is perfect. NOT!

Take the time to make sure all spelling and grammar is correct in your ezine before you send it out. After all, you are a professional, right?

I hope these tips have given you a good idea on how NOT to publish an ezine and a fresh perspective on how to correctly publish an ezine. Producing a quality ezine that your readers can depend on will be a very big business booster!

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