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Are you looking to generate more website traffic to you site? If you are the internet has a variety of available options and some are even free. Yes free and we all know that the best website traffic is free website traffic.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many companies willing to take your money in order to try and increase the traffic to your site. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, that may be just what you’re looking for. If you do have the time to learn, the best way to go is to generate traffic to your site for much, much less or even free.

One of the current trends in generating traffic to websites is with a blog. Most successful business sites have a blog and it is becoming a necessity for successful online businesses. In some cases business even hire writers to generate unique content for the blog. The blog can show clients a small taste of what your company has to offer so keep it interesting.

Search engine optimization is another way to get free traffic to your site. You will need to know how they work so you might have to study up. If you are willing to do some experimenting, you may not need to hire an expert. Optimize your site so the search engines can easily see what is there. Add fresh and interesting content so the web community finds value in your site. This should generate links to your site and to get additional links, get listed in quality web directories.

If you want free traffic to your website you need to have a good site with relevant and unique content. Your site should be easy to use and navigate while providing unique content for visitors. If your site is not attractive to visitors, no one is going to visit more than once. Provide a good site with good content and a good product. Generate links to your site for visitors to find you, your traffic will climb and with it the success of your website.

Some links to your site will come naturally if your site has good content. Most businesses augment those natural links with well placed links in quality directories. Quality directories market to bring traffic to their sites. That traffic can easily search the categories to find the exact business they are looking for and follow the link to your site. Marketing online is about giving potential clients as many paths to your website as possible so they can find you.

Traffic is the primary goal of all webmasters. The sheer amount of websites in any domain creates a huge problem for any website owner who wishes to boost their website’s traffic. Here are a few Free Website Traffic Generator and tools that could prove beneficial for you.

1. Babylon Traffic

Free Website Traffic Generator

Babylon Traffic is on the Top among Free Website Traffic Generator that offers advanced behavior settings, so you can ensure that bots that you used will not be detected. You can customize the traffic that visits a website, click on a button, fill an application, etc. Additionally, you can select the proportion of desktop and mobile visits, as well as the country of the source (Geo-targeting more than 190 countries) and so on. In the case of a single plan that you can set up an unlimited amount of campaigns. It’s 100% safe with Adsense and traffic is guaranteed.

With Babylon Traffic, you will be able to receive a huge amount of cheap traffic that you have always wanted. It allows you to generate millions of visitors to your blog or website.

2. is another traffic generator. To receive free traffic to your website, there is no requirement to purchase any traffic nor require any other type of things.

It is all you have to do is mention on your blog post, and include the URL to and you will receive 10,000 people visiting your site within 30 days. Or, You can also buy specific traffic of your choice with 50,000 targeted visitors at just $126 per month.

3. Traffic Ape

Free Website Traffic Generator

You can be an active member of this website if you post a blog regularly and have a solid presence on social media. It’s a great option for those who own an enterprise or are involved in online sales or have a website and run a YouTube channel. It will provide you with free traffic to your website through Trafficape and will help you improve your search engine rankings as well as Alexa ranking, and help you get the most exposure. The links are kept sufficiently warm enough to ensure they remain relevant and assist in the growth of your followers.

To receive traffic to your blog or website via Traffic Ape. You need to be an active user of Traffic Ape. You can also upgrade to the Super Awesome pack for a reasonable cost of $29.99/Year or $3.99/Month.

4. Traffic Swirl

Free Website Traffic Generator

This site provides web traffic to websites, blogs, and social media accounts at very affordable prices. It is perfect for those who are looking to see rapid growth and generate leads that guarantee actual views from users. You can use the unique task system to gain more followers and views across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr blog comments, as well as newsletter subscribers via email. The company provides Geo-targeting and daypart to ensure that you reach the audience you targeted to reach. It offers targeted advertising content to users in more than 145 countries.

5. Website Traffic Generator

With you will gain unique visitors from first world nations. Each visit is of high-quality. Through Website Traffic Generator you will be able to get unlimited niche-specific traffic to your blog or site. It is as easy as choosing the number of visits you want and the rest is will be handled by the Website Traffic Generator.

The greatest feature of Website Traffic Generator, is the people it’s visits are real user visits, or a niche-specific visit and it can be targeted from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The traffic generated by the Traffic Generator is safe with Google search algorithm. It also increases your search engine rank as well as Alexa rankings.

6. Traffic Bot

Free Website Traffic Generator

We can provide top-quality traffic for your needs. If you are looking for a huge quantity of traffic, Trafficbot will provide millions of visits per month. It also ensures that your site will convert and deliver authentic people to your website. After you’ve created your project, they’ll assist you in choosing a country’s traffic that you wish to get. Additionally, you will have the choice to choose South American, North American, European or Asian traffic.

7. 10khits

Free Website Traffic Generator

10KHits is an exchanger which allows you to continuously surf and earn points without interruptions, frames breakers or pop-ups.

It has a useful feature called white level traffic. This allows you to change the source of your traffic from the default source to social, organic, or custom traffic for your website or blog.

It is a versatile program that comes with a dashboard that allows you to earn your first points as well as receive people to your site or blog immediately. Pricing – Starting at $29/Month and goes up to $10/Month.

8. is the another best Free Website Traffic Generator that you can join and add to your site for no cost and earn hundred bonus points. It is necessary to add some points to your website. Your visitors will be awarded points once they visite your website. Users of Traffup prefer sites that offer higher points. It is necessary to assign more points to get the highest number of visits and also display your website on the top of results. Your site will be visible until you are backed by points. You can earn points by visiting other websites or by referring your friends to Traffup.

Free Website Traffic Generator

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