Earn Dollars With Google AdSense


If you want to increase your business earnings yet you do not want to be too pressured handling a new business that venture into a new industry, then trying Google AdSense is a good option for you.

Google AdSense is a collection of links which may be posted on different sides of your website. It offers various products and services such as online games, internet products and more. When someone visits your site and clicks the advertisement, then you will earn some dollars from it.

You have to take note that before settling for Google AdSense, your website needs to have a decent page rank. Increased traffic will help you in having higher chances in this strategy especially if the advertisement is appealing to your website’s visitors.

Passive income is what most website owners like, especially that investing some dollars will never be required. Your Google AdSense will start to skyrocket only if you know how to do well. Unfortunately, it may not be the answer to your prayers, especially if you want to become a millionaire through your website. It may be possible to earn a lot only if you will drive excessively. So as to make it plausible and if you want to be able to do well on this aspect, then you have to work on various internet marketing strategies. Here are some free strategies you might like to look at:

1. Write articles in various Web 2.0 sites.
2. Exert some time doing blog and forum commenting which are on the same niche as yours.
3. Partnered blog. Seek for a blogger who would be interested in mentioning your website.
4. Video marketing using various platforms such as social media sites and YouTube.
5. Social media marketing. These are free sites and are widely used by many individuals. Because of that, it can be used for marketing your website. People who are interested of your chosen niche will definitely click your website.

What Should Not Be Done

Google is very strict when it comes to Google AdSense. You have to make sure that you follow these guidelines:
1. You are not allowed to click your own ad.
2. You must not ask people to click the ad. Something like “Hey, could you do me a favor? I need you to click this link: blah… blah… blah… ”
3. Be careful in placing your ads. Some website owners place this advertisement in areas where people may click them accidentally. Do not do that.
4. Promote your website well. If you will ask a company, make sure that they will follow Google’s guidelines to proper promotion.
5. Make use of Google Analytics.
6. Ads may not be placed on websites which are prohibited by Google such as porn sites.
7. Do not tamper the codes provided by Google.
8. Avoid pop-ups which have no relevance to your niche.
9. Respect Google’s trademarks.
10. Be responsive whenever Google needs to contact you, in case your Google AdSense experienced a problem.

Once you have finally ensured regular visitors, then more people will be able to see the Google AdSense you are trying to work on. You do not need to spend lots of dollars in order for you to be able to increase the amount of traffic your website is receiving. And basically, if you will only rely on Google AdSense, spending money for your internet marketing strategies should never be an option.
But if it will serve as an additional earning apart from your online business, then this should not be set aside. The money you will be earning from it is still decent enough and it requires no investment. Good luck on your Google AdSense.



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