Difference between google AdWords and google AdSense

AdSense How To

Can you make money with Google AdSense? AdSense is for people who own a website or BLOG and put those ads you see on their own web site to make money. The ads you see all over the Internet on web sites, are people who put those ads on their web sites in hopes to make a lot of money from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others when people click on them.

Some BLOG services do not allow you to post AdSense. Some will let you put one set of articles on your web site. Google allows three (3) per page. For example, you will see some sites with a tall skyscraper ad, then a horizontal ad, or just some text ads, placed in different areas on the page. That doesn’t mean you should put three on each page if it will hinder from your content or look and feel of your page for the user.

It is also very important to customize each ad to make sure it blends in with your page. It should look natural. Statistics have shown the blue link, black text, and light grey URL (www.google.com) link convert the best. The horizontal ad toward the top, center of the page, looking like it is part of your page also converts to people viewing it and clicking on it most.

Critical point – you must spend time placing new, fresh, unique articles on your web site or BLOG at a minimum of two times per week. Do not use articles more than once.

AdWords Strategy

Google AdWords are the ads you see at the very top (light blue portion) of the search engines on Google and their partners search engines; i.e., Ask.com, iWon.com. This includes the right-hand side text ads you see when you type in a search query like, “used cars san diego.” Whenever you see Sponsored Links and you click on those ads, companies are paying for it. Sometimes the cost is outrageous, but depends on many factors.There are also banner ads, image ads, and video ads, but we are going to focus our discussion on the text ads which is most widely used.

Google AdWords accounts are set up for web site owners who want a lot more traffic because 1) their own site is not search engine optimized well for free (organic) traffic, or 2) they are smart and want to use a different avenue of media (form of advertising) on the Internet to capture more business. Every web site cannot attain organic (free) traffic rankings for every single keyword. So using AdWords for the other targeted words people use to search for will grab the rest of the market.

Be forewarned, there are many new companies popping up on the Internet who say they “specialize” in setting you up with a “highly optimized” account, and all you get is a list of many keywords that give you a lot of clicks at high prices, but no conversions (sales).

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