CPA Marketing – 5 Cost Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To CPA Offers


There are many ways to monetize CPA Offers however I outline 5 cost effective ways that can be used to drive traffic to these offers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Marketing is very popular way used to drive traffic to offers in the CPA networks. The basically requires you setup campaigns in PPC Search Engines and drive traffic to the landing pages of the offers you are promoting. The landing page could be that of the advertiser or could be one that you created yourself. You send traffic directly to the offer, otherwise known as direct linking, or you can build you own landing page similar to that of the advertiser with the specific purpose of preselling the prospect. The most common PPC Search engines you can buy PPC Advertising include Google, Yahoo, MSN. There are second tier engines such, 7Search etc that you can also buy PPC traffic to send to your offers.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising involves buying advertising on networks that enable you to place your ad in the form of a pop up or pop under on their networks. As an advertiser on these networks, you can bid on high trafficked sites so that your ad pops up or under when a visitor searches/clicks on the website in question. There are a variety of companies offering contextual advertising such as Media Traffic, DirectCPV, LeadImpact etc

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising involves buying banner ad space on highly trafficked websites to drive traffic to your offers. Most CPA networks provide banner creatives that you can use however you can create your own banners that you can use to drive traffic to the offers you are promoting.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another very common but never talked about way of driving traffic in the CPA networks. This entails building lists in any specific niche and sending them specific offers related to that niche. Most email marketers with big lists in specific niches are always in demand because in most cases they have built a very good relationship with the people on their list and could be a good match of the thousands of CPA Offers.

Social Media

Social Media is a relative new way to drive traffic. This involves using mediums like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon to promote CPA offers. These mediums have a lot of traffic and in most cases are a goldmine for promoting these offers if done properly.


Source by Ade Lamidi

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