Email Marketing -Tips to Enjoy Success


Email marketing is a very effective strategy to gain new customers and make more sales from existing customers. By concentrating on new subscriber acquisition, your list will get bigger everyday and you can cross-sell more useful products or services to your subscribers.

However, you should not focus solely on subscriber acquisition at the expense of building and maintaining good relationship with your existing subscribers. In this article, let me share with you some email marketing tips to get the most out of your list:

1. Create a series of follow up messages. You should write a series of follow-up messages and queue them in your auto-respondent. By doing so, every new subscriber will be able to receive your messages and go through the back-end sales funnel. You should not sell your product or service in every email that you send. By doing so, no one will read your messages. Therefore, you should always provide useful information to your subscribers to help them solve their problems.

2. Reward the loyalty of your subscribers. The best way to build a good relationship with your subscribers is to reward them with freebies, discounts, lucky draws, or subscriber-only offers. Your existing subscribers will appreciate your effort and stay loyal by remaining in your list.

3. Keep your email template as simple as possible. If you need to use a HTML template, keep it simple. This is because many devices such as iPhones and BlackBerry can now receive and read emails. Templates that are too complex will not display well on those devices. So try not to use too many images, and use standard fonts and colors.

4. Allow people to join your list through your website. You need to integrate email marketing with other marketing activity. If you are launching a road show that brings people to your website, you should include an opt-in box on your site to allow people to join your mailing list.

5. Do not email your subscriber too often. If you send an email every day to your subscribers, they will soon think of your emails as spam. A general rule of thumb is once every 4 days. However, it really depends on the initial reason why your subscribers join your list. For example, if your subscribers join your list to get daily updates on stock values, then it makes sense to email them every day.

Last but not least, you should always split test your email copy. Copywriting, template design, call to action statements and offers often affect the conversion rate of your email marketing campaign. Do test your email to generate the highest possible response rate and conversion.


6 Tips to Become a Successful Email Marketer


In the world of email marketing you have seen or heard people who make pages that convert visitors into buyers or leads and you see they are successful in making money out of it. If you’re the kind who would like to try it and be like them do you know where you focus should be and all the things you should remember when starting this? Here are some essential tips to learn that will show you how to become a successful email marketer.

Don’t be too pushy

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to focus on not being too pushy and this applies not only to the squeeze page you’re gonna make but also through any strategy you’re gonna use to get customers like PPC ads. I’ve seen people who have made PPC ads and were successful to come up in the first spot and I even look up to them for they were like famous stars because they have all the attention for being first spot but there was a mistake I noticed some of them made and that was being so pushy to get results. If only they weren’t so pushy at all maybe the money they paid for the ads could have triple their revenue and that is why you must remember this.

A collecting landing page isn’t enough

Creating a landing page with a good headline but only collects emails is not enough like for example even if your landing page tells your visitor “Yes it is possible to make money with this system over and over and it works!” well yes your system might be working but making lots of money out of selling it may not work for you and it’s because the visitor may view it as a sales pitch, no matter how good your copy is and many web visitors hate sales pitches. The website with your landing page should be with something that offers valuable content like videos, eBooks, cheat sheets etc. and will give your visitors a very good reason to stop what they’re doing and give you their email.

Value is the key

Always remember that it’s important to build a good relationship with your visitors and appearing credible in their eyes. Provide your visitors with something of value, and respect them. Don’t make your site look like a giant billboard for this will go a long way in your efforts to convince them to trust you. Always try to make your website come across as a website they can value from. When the visitor feels that they get value from you and you’re not trying to sell them something, they’ll let their guard down.

A problem solving product is important

Make sure you identify a common problem early on in your page and the product you’re promoting surely offers a solution to some kind of problem. If it doesn’t, then get another product, because you’re wasting your time with a product that doesn’t help.

Understand what your potential customers are going through

The “I’ve been there”approach works very well with this. In the case that you have not been in the same situation they are in, find someone you know who has. Don’t know anyone that has had the same problem or experience? Then find it online. Do a Google search and use it as an example of someone who can identify with them.

Nurture your subscribers

When setting up a landing page make sure you don’t show the affiliate links yet and capture their email first, then give them lots of great information via email and through other valuable pages on your website so that when you introduce them to the product(s) it’ll be sure that you’ll make lots of money and become a successful email marketer.


Source by Rain Roxas

Top Tips to Improve Insurance Agency Email Delivery

Top Tips to Improve Insurance Agency Email Delivery


Business of all types can benefit from a well run email marketing initiative. Today however, they must take extra precautions to ensure they maintain a high quality sender reputation to optimize delivery, and improve conversions. Review-Email Delivery these top tips and make sure your organization is following all of them:

Ping Test Emails

Always ping test your emails prior to your initial campaign, especially if it is an older list, a trade show list, or a prospect list. And once ping tested, never use failed ping tested emails.

No Longer At

Monitor your autoreplies and remove no longer at and retired immediately after every campaign. These email responses must be closely reviewed, as the autoreply can come for a source that is different from the actual email that should be removed.

Consistency & Frequency

The consistency and frequency of your email campaigns is important in maintaining a positive sender reputation. ISPs attempt to create and evaluate the email marketing history for your domain. The more consistent you are, and the more reasonable you are with your frequency, the more likely you are to create a solid reputation as a sender. That assumes you are following the other tips listed herein.

Avoid/Diminish Complaints

Lots of complaints will spell lots of trouble for your sender reputation and domain. The best way to avoid complaints is to limit campaign frequency (every two weeks for most general campaigns is a good rule of thumb), honor opt-outs immediately, focus on quality content and collateral, and restrict “sales” pitches.

Avoid Spam Traps (Honeypots)

Spam traps, sometimes referred to as honeypots, are email addresses specifically created to catch email from marketers who don’t follow email best practices. The traps target marketers who are scraping email addresses from the web or are simply blasting emails using poor quality lists. Sufficient “catches” by spam traps can result in low deliverability or even domain blacklisting.

Use Relevant, Educational Content

“Buy my stuff and save money now”! If your content is salesy, spammy and irrelevant, your sender reputation will be adversely impacted, and it will happen quickly. Try to make your content relevant and educational. Changing regulations, industry innovation, important news of the day, and educational webinars are going to be better received than an invitation to buy your products or services.

Email marketing is both an art and a science, and is increasing in complexity and deliverability nuance. It can be a great lead generator when properly used, or a waste of time and money when used with an email “blast” mentality. Insurance agency marketers lacking the time or resources to accomplish this type of initiative can outsource their campaigns to a proficient insurance agency marketing firm.


Source by Alan Blume

Email Marketing Practices and AWeber, Which Do You Need?


What happens when people start following you? You will find yourself needing an email platform. I use AWeber however; there are a others to choose from.

In other segments we talked about “How do I… Blog?” I also walked you through “What happens after you write a Blog? Part One and Part Two”. To pick up where we left off, I want to mention you will start gathering a following. This is a group of people who are interested in what you have to say. Once you start getting these followers you need to organize them. How do you organize these people? Well, one way is to use an email platform.

What is an email platform?

In a nutshell it is a way to store email addresses you get from those interested in following you. Once you have emails you can now communicate with these people over and over again.

Lets say you are writing a blog each day and sharing your knowledge. You are doing everything mentioned in the previous articles and now people are following you. You now need somewhere to put these interested people so you may continue to connect with them. You may want to share special information with just them that you don’t want to share with everyone on the internet. How are you going to do this? With a mailing platform.

There are different companies offering mailing platforms however; the one I use is AWeber. They offer a $1 to try them out. If you like them, continue to use them. If you have another platform and want to try something else, try AWeber, and remember it is $1 for a trial. They make it easy to switch with migrate software. They also provide step by step instructions for this. Find out more here.

If you are new to email platforms there are a few things you need to know. They help you to set up newsletters, collect subscribers and track your progress. They also integrate with your Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, and your blog to allow you easier ways to get your messages out.

Starting with the newsletters. Maybe you want to write something special (an offer, training technique, or just a warm welcome) to the people following you. You write a newsletter in your email platform and it will be mailed out to those you choose. You can even schedule your message for a certain day if you choose. An example would be for Valentines or something – you might not want to send it out in January- so you simple put it in a schedule.

I don’t know about other platforms so I will tell you about the one I use, AWeber. The AWeber platform offers me really cool templates that make my newsletters and blog posts newsletters pop; they become unique to me. I love having this ability.

There is also a feature where I can tell AWeber my blog information and each time I write a new blog they grab it and put it in my mailing list for me. No more remembering to do it on my own or spending time doing steps over and over again. This saves me probably 10 minutes of time for each post I write. I know 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time but it can be if you forget to copy your posts into the mailing platform, as I have, and you have a bunch to catch up on. AWeber simplifies my life.

Email platforms allow image hosting. The images will be stored in a gallery for use whenever you choose. The images are added to your masterpiece newsletters by just dragging and dropping them into the messages. The images you upload can be moved, resized, and replaced just by clicking.

One more great feature email platforms offer is Facebook and Twitter help. They send your followers a link to your newest information. This helps you grow a list (people who follow you) by adding a sign-up to your message.

I could go on and on about how having an email platform will help you but really you need to try it for yourself. I found a few helpful videos that explain how email platforms are a valuable tool for you.


Source by Vicki Stanley Brown

Using Email Marketing Software to Make Money Online


In the world of fast paced technology and competitive internet marketing strategies, email marketing software has allowed millions of entrepreneurs to harness the pure energy and power that this consumer communication method can provide. Many entrepreneurs and businesses in the virtual world have found that by implementing the use of email marketing software, they can great greatly increase their ability to make money online. Marketing through the use of the internet is quickly growing in popularity, as is the software programs out there that are designed to automate it.

By discovering an email marketing software that will work to automate your endeavors in this particular advertising strategy, you can literally observe your business and all the endeavors of your business traveling to new heights. All of these program types are designed to handle large amounts of email transactions on a daily basis. This can prove to be quite beneficial when it comes to the communication between your business and your current clients, as well as potential clients. This is especially true if you can discover a program that can enhance your email transactions by incorporating various features and enhancements.

When looking to purchase email marketing software so that you can increase the opportunity that you can make money online, it is important to ensure that the program has a certain level of basic features that can be used to automate your business. The following details some of the features that you should look forward to when choosing email marketing software:

1. The program should include a preset number of templates that can assist you in your email marketing campaign. These templates will allow you to create professional looking emails that you can send to your subscribers, your current customers, and even your leads.

2. When choosing an email marketing program, it is important to ensure that you have the ability to track using a database that the program implements. It is essential to be able to track what you are doing when it comes to your email marketing campaign.

3. In order to run your email marketing campaign effectively, it is important that the software for email marketing has the ability to manage certain lists. You may have one list for your potential leads, a list for your current customers, and a list for those that you have working relationships with. This is absolutely essential when it comes to fully automating your business.

4. When you have an email software program working for you, it is important to ensure that you have the ability to send messages that are considered to be plain text as well as html. It is important to understand that some customers and/or leads may not be able to read html messages, so you want to have a plain text version that goes out as well.


There are many different ways that you can automate your business by using a program that handles your email lists. In addition to this, you can make money online by implementing the use of an email marketing software product.


Source by Terry Zambri

Email Marketing Is Good For Business


Email marketing has proven to be an important tool for good business development and the biggest option for marketing online today!

What is email marketing? This is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising message. It is one of the fastest and effective way of marketing your products and services, yet economical to use.

Most online business people and yourself would like to have a successful email marketing campaigns and attract more customers sites. Before you reach the top, you have to get started by:

1. Knowing the areas of concern from your target audience is good:

Find out topics that your readers really love and their comments on your email marketing list. What are the most frequently asked questions? What do my viewers frequently study? If your dedicated mails have good content, then your email marketing results will improve tremendously. All this will give you a clue on what business interests them most and concentrate on that topic.

2. Provide feedback:

Select a format for email marketing that enables your viewers use to give you feedback. Whether they are positive or negative reactions, this good for evaluations and adjustments and improve on your mails. You will know their interests as well.

3. Give free counsel on email marketing:

When you give expert advice or good suggestions to your viewers as you are giving them something to remember, appreciate and act upon. Give short highlights on reliable and truthful information from specific articles that relate to their topic of interest is another way of gaining the trust. When they demand for counsel, give it free and refer them to do more research on email marketing on-line.

4. Align your database in order:

Get an organized recording system of contacts, updated with new activities and new trends in the market that will make email marketing easy for you.

5. Find the best Email Delivery Service: which is professional and right for your business. Like ‘ A Weber’ for instance.

The more you research on email marketing, the more you discover that newsletters are a lot more effective way of advertising; with compelling content,which is good for business than Print Media. Please note the points below:

  • Email marketing demands that you circulate newsletters because they are an effective way of increasing sales and attracting customers to your company.
  • It is a good communication tool which alerts customers about your product or service prior to face to face conversation selling.
  • This requires a distribution of information on your product an indication that you care for your customers. When the messaging is done consistently throughout the year, you will be assured of hitting a good sale because you have shared information and also have involved your customer in your newsletter.
  • A professionally written newsletter must have valuable and sufficient content. This can be expert advice on how to use the product, updates on the latest trends in the market and hints on something. This will often attract your target audience and drive more traffic and will encourage them to subscribe to your website.
  • Before sending out bulk emails, be courteous and ask permission from your recipients even though they are your friends in business. Some may not have interest in your product and will divert your mails to the spam folder.
  • For good business, It is necessary that you use the right software for your large email lists.
  • Lengthy newsletters and focusing on your competitors is bad for business. You know you can do better than that. Just concentrate and improve on your brand again and again, advertise it well and you will succeed in business.
  • With a newsletter, you require building a big social network. There is no better interactive network than the internet. An active social network is good at word of mouth marketing. In this community, messages are coordinated faster amongst themselves.

For more detailed information on email marketing and research, please go online.

Email marketing with use of newsletters is good for business. You can start advertising your products today using the above suggestions and success to you!


Source by Alice Stella Musoke

Is Co-Op List Building the Best Form of Automated Email Marketing?


There are a lot of traditional and well known methods out there for building up your email list, and my favorites tend to be automated email marketing methods.

The traditional ones tend to be pretty commonly used- things like article marketing, search engine marketing and video marketing are all good to build you email marketing lists. Still, there are plenty of unconventional methods that your email marketing campaign can greatly profit from if you incorporate them into your overall list building strategy. These are less common methods that are none-the-less still incredibly effective for getting people to opt in to your newsletter. One of these non-traditional methods of list building for automated email marketing success is Co-Op List Building.

This is how co-op list building works.

Basically, you join a co-op and all the members of this co-op are given a tiny piece of javascript that they place onto their website or their blog. I’m sure you have seen these before.

When you go there you’re going to be greeted by this annoying little pop up window. On this pop up window are about 7 or 8 different email marketing lists. The pop up has a small description, about one line long, of each of these different newsletters related to your targeted email marketing niche. A number of these boxes are going to be pre-checked, and people will read through the descriptions and check the ones that they want. They then input their name and email address, fill out a verification form and submit all of it.

Now, this isn’t about putting up 7 or 8 links to your own newsletter. In fact, only one of the options is to sign up for my newsletter. The rest are composed of other people’s newsletters who are in the same targeted email marketing niche as I’m in.

Basically, I display their newsletter in my little pop up ad and they display my newsletter in their website’s little pop up. We work together; we leverage each other’s traffic to help all of us, and the whole thing is done passively, some true automated email marketing right here.

This co-op works off of what’s known as a credit system. Basically, whenever a visitor comes to your site and your pop up window shows up, you get a few credits. Each of those credits is worth 1 showing of your ad on other people’s pop up windows. It’s real simple, and real effective. And perhaps best of all for ease of integration into your email marketing campaign, it takes about no time to set up and passively gets new people who are targeted to your niche to check out your newsletter and be exposed to it and quite possibly sign up for it.

You’ll build your list quickly, it works with pretty much every autoresponder services, and it’s completely free to get started on it.


Source by Justin Glover

Email Templates And Email Marketing – Bulletproof HTML/CSS Techniques To Keep You On The Safe Side


In this week’s article we’re going to discuss the coding side of Email Marketing Best Practices. I’m going to try to be explanatory as much as possible, nevertheless, please do not ever hesitate to contact me for any possible questions.

We all know that creating / customizing email templates can be a pain, especially when you are trying to maintain the same look of your email campaign across all those inboxes; Outlook Versions(2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013), Apple Mail, Hotmail(now Outlook on desktop), Yahoo, GMail, Thunderbird, SpiceBird, Windows Live Mail, GMX, AOL, Opera Mail, Fox Mail, Sparrow, IncrediMail, Lotus Notes, Eudora. The list goes on.

Then we also have mobiles and tablets, iPhones, Android Devices, Windows Phones etc.

If you’re already dealing with email templates and their rendering issues for a while, then you surely know that the ones causing the most hair loss are Outlook Versions, Hotmail, and Gmail.

1 – First things first: You should use INLINED CSS, always

Some email services, especially GMail, will still strip the CSS from the head of your email. Thus you should always use the inlined CSS when sending your campaign.

The trick is, to start with an embedded version and use all of the CSS at the HEAD section of your email. This will help you to customize styles much easier and quicker than inline styles.

Make all the presentational changes, and then when you finalized your email with all of your content and presentation, just use an online app that successfully helps you to inline all of your code’s CSS easily. I prefer Mailchimp’s Inliner Tool.

2 – Never use PADDINGS or MARGINS. Don’t use them for the layout, don’t use them for the content

Fact: You can’t trust to Paddings and Margins.

You should always use a table based approach when it comes to HTML Emails. If you need a padding or a margin, just use “tr” and “td” HTML tags of the table to achieve it. This will save you from a lot of headaches. Use tables, save your hair, especially within Outlook.

3 – Design your tables for a bulletproof Outlook experience

Your tables should always include some “special” styles for bloody Outlook.

Inside your table, Please just be sure to have cellpadding and cellspacing attributes, and give them the value of Zero.

Never forget to add this style to your table HTML tags’ style attribute:

And never forget to add this style to your td HTML tags’ style attribute too:

4 – One pixel gaps below your Image’s?

Well, this caused many heart attacks for all of us who involved in email marketing business.

The td tag which includes your Image should have a style with a line-height of 1px. I know it looks weird (hey, this is HTML from the 90s), but it works.

5 – Outlook doesn’t respect the line height of an empty Table cell. Why is that?

Dealing with HTML email also means dealing with 90s. Above we discussed using Table based Paddings and Margins, but some versions of Outlook will still ignore this approach and they will automatically assign a 20px height to your pixel perfect table cells.

So here is the solution:

You should use the style below inside your td tags.

And please don’t forget to put a “non-breaking space(nbsp)” between the opening and closing td tags.

6 – Why Gmail doesn’t show the entire email?

When your email exceeds 102kb., GMail cuts it of, and displays the statement “view entire message” instead. To prevent this from happening, try to build your email below 102kb.


Source by Bedros Gesaratsi

The Best Email Internet Marketing Strategy

So is there really a best email internet marketing strategy out there that you could be using to generate wealth? Are there ways to market to your list that are better than others? Is there some tips that you should follow in order to get better response from your list when you send them messages?

There is a best email internet marketing strategy and there is a better way to generate a better response and make more money with your list. Here are 3 helpful tips to remember when setting up your email marketing campaigns.

Best Email Internet Marketing Strategy tip #1 – Don’t over promote to your list

When you promote to your list on a daily basis they get sick of you. You have to stay in their minds, but not be annoying. A good rule of thumb is to promote 3 times maximum to your list per week.

Best Email Internet Marketing Strategy tip #2 – Send something worthwhile to your list

If all you do is send product recommendations and promotions your readers will stop reading your message. You have to give them an article, free eBook, or helpful tool to keep them coming back for more. Do this 1-2 times a week and they will be more likely to buy when you do promote to them.

Best Email Internet Marketing Strategy tip #3 – Be personable with your subscribers

When you treat your subscribers like they are your new found friends, and you write to them like that, instead of like you are a big corporation and they are just a number in your database you will get a better response. Try this and you will be amazed at how much your new subscribers love reading your messages.

There you have it 3 very helpful tips to really boost your email marketing. This is just part of what can be considered the best email internet marketing strategy. There is more that you can learn and use, but this should get you started.

How to Do Effective Email Marketing


Email marketing is a powerful tool in the internet marketing industry. Knowing how to put together an effective email marketing campaign can multiply an online business’s profits substantially.

To start, it’s good to know what you should not do with an email marketing campaign. Making these mistakes can cause you to lose many members of your email list, in addition to having them send your messages to a spam folder.

What not to do with email marketing:

  • Don’t try to sell a product in every mail – if you do this, no one on your list will want to open your messages.
  • Don’t use spammy wording – in particular, the word “free” in your emails will send your mail straight to the spam folder for many systems.
  • Don’t be overly complex in your mails – email is a quick fix for information for most people, they’re not ready to read novels. Keep it simple to understand.
  • Don’t be tempted to make it flashy – again, email is meant to be a message. Many email programs automatically block some graphics, and doing overproduction in an email lessens the personal touch.
  • Don’t try to talk to everyone in your message – you should target just your specific audience. The people in your email list are on it for distinct reasons – remember that when you write your mails.
  • Don’t go crazy with excitement – using a huge number of exclamation marks and capitalized words will turn off your readers. Keep it organized.

As you write your emails, being careful not to trip up on the above issues, remember to do the things with your mails to keep your readers interested and happy.

What you should do for effective email marketing:

  • Make it personal – most people treat email as a means of communication with people they like. If you’re likable, this will make your mails opened more often. Using their name, if possible, can also be beneficial.
  • Offer an easy unsubscription option – if it’s easy to unsubscribe, it will instill more trust in your readers, since the power to drop you is in their hands.
  • Give your readers GOOD information – don’t just list something you found randomly that’s related to your market. Give them quality information, and they will want to hear more from you.
  • Be interesting! – Boring emails get closed up fast. If you can give your hook early in the message, you’ll have your reader want to keep reading.
  • Know how to tease – if you have a page you want your readers to visit, give them just enough information to make them intrigued, but don’t give it all away. Have the rest of the story you started be available through your link.
  • Use tools of the trade – knowing which tools to use for email marketing can make a big difference. One of these tools is the autoresponder – it can often save a lot of time and effort.

Now by following these tips, you can have a truly effective email marketing campaign. By doing this, you can instill trust in your customers, and have them interested in your emails, as opposed to dreading them. Write quality emails, have happy customers, and see the positive results of effective email marketing by doing it right.


Source by Eric G.

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