Before a refund is granted, allow us to try and help solve any problem you have by opening a ticket in our support desk. Please give it 24-72 hours for our Support Team to get back to you on your support requests. We do our best to answer a lot faster to your requests.

Nature of Digital Media

Software (Themes/Plugins) – Refund Policy

Software (Themes/Plugins)
That can be downloaded instantly after a purchase has been made. There is no “trial” or “grace period” after purchasing any product which means all sales are final. Once you have purchased the software, there is no way to “return” it. As such refunds can not be provided.
Refunds will not be granted if you simply decide not to use the purchased products.
We stand behind our products and will assist you in solving any problem you have, but we also expect you to adequately understand what you are purchasing and why.

No returns/refunds will be offered for digital products except if the product you’ve purchased is:
• completely non-functional
• and/or product main description was fully misleading.
• and/or you didn’t download any or many files from our website.

  • you have changed your mind about an item/subscription.
  • you bought an item by mistake and the product(s) was sent/already downloaded by you.
  • product was bought by your employee or inmate from your PayPal account which he/she had legal access.
  • You can not install the downloaded product
  • The product is incompatible with your WordPress, plugins or web server settings
  • The product does not function as you want
  • The product displays a message about the need to enter a license key or activation
  • You broke your website when installing the product
  • You did not receive technical support on
  • you refused provide to our support staff access to your web-site to investigate our product you are having issue with.

Domain And Website Hosting- Refund Policy

Products & Services that are Non-Refundable : Domain / SSL / VPS / Dedicated Server / Gsuit E-mails / Office 365 Business Essentials.

Website Hosting
If the services provided by us are not as per mentioned in our website or services are not functioning properly, we will refund your amount, Just request us for a Refund within the first 24 Hours of your hosting account activation.
We’ll refund your hosting subscription fees. Refunds will be promptly issued within Next 5-7 Days AFTER verification of Valid id Proof & 20% Money will be deducted (2% Gateway Charges + 18% IGST).

  • We does not issue any refund for Combo Plan orders or If any coupon code or Promo availed Purchase Products under any circumstances.
  • If user misbehave or uses abusive language with wpbizz Staff on Chat, Call or Ticket. Account will be Terminated Instatly or Completely Ban.
  • If we found user’s contact details is incomplete or incorrect like Invalid Phone or Mobile number, E-mail Address,
  • Name and Address. In Such case Account details and document details (Voter ID, Adaar Card or Passport) should be matching else refund will be canceled and account will be Ban.
  • Once Domain is Registered or Activated user can not Cancel / can not change their Domain Name / can not get Refund.

No refund will be made if your Service(s) is Suspended ( Due to Phishing & Copyright Content or Code / Email Marketing / Email Abuse / Account Over-use / Misuse of our service / Inappropriate / Illegal / Immoral / Over Use of (Ram / CPU) / Use of Freenom Domain / Use of Famous Brands Name for buying web hosting or domain ) or terminated or violations of Terms & Conditions

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