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One of the best affiliate tips that cannot be stressed enough is that PPC advertising should be the LAST way that you should generate traffic to your site when you first start affiliate marketing. There are more effective methods of getting visitors and potential customers to your landing pages for little or no money that should be implemented first. However, PPC advertising is important to generating revenue and can earn you lots of money, as long as it’s set up the right way. If your campaigns do not follow these PPC tips, you may be wasting time and money on clicks that will not convert into sales.

5 PPC Tips to Save You Money

1. Use Negative Keywords – If you’ve used the Google Keyword Tool, you’ve probably noticed the “Negative Keywords” function. If you’ve chosen certain keywords or phrases that relate to your site, for example, “affiliate software”, you want people who search for just that to find your site and buy your software. However, if a user searchers for “free affiliate software”, your site will still come up. They may click on your ad, costing you money, and then immediately leave when they find out that you do not offer affiliate software for free. Use negative keywords like “free” and “cheap” to avoid wasting money on clicks by telling the search engine that you do not want those keywords to show your ad

2. Use Phrase or Exact Match – With Broad Match, when users search for other keywords that the search engine thinks are relevant, your ad will show up on the results page, even if you don’t want it to. By using Phrase or Exact Match, only the keywords that you specified will trigger your ad to be displayed, decreasing your impression count, which will increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and add quality to your campaign and ads.

3. Target Location/Languages – Targeting only the English speaking countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc) will also help increase your CTR of your keywords and ads by creating a less diverse audience and targeting those who are more inclined to read your ad and buy your product.

4. Max CPC Bid – This is one of the more important PPC tips. For everyone 100 clicks that you receive on your ad, you can assume that your will get 2 conversions. So, you want to base how much your Max CPC Bid will be on the payout of the product. If you make $18.00 per conversion, multiply that by 2 and then divide that by 100 and you get $.36, which is what your Max CPC Bid should be for that product. Don’t waste money by bidding more than you have to.

5. Avoid the Content Network – The content network of PPC programs gets you a lot of impressions and for little money. However, the impressions are not as targeted and your CTR will go down and so will your conversions. If you’re just starting out with PPC campaigns and tools such as AdWords, MSN AdCenter, or Yahoo Search Marketing, hone your skills on the search network before taking on the content network, if you want to at all.

When you’re first starting out with affiliate marketing and PPC advertising, start with Google AdWords and once that is making you some money, move onto others, such as MSN AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc.


Source by Karen Wendler

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