Top Tips to Improve Insurance Agency Email Delivery

Top Tips to Improve Insurance Agency Email Delivery


Business of all types can benefit from a well run email marketing initiative. Today however, they must take extra precautions to ensure they maintain a high quality sender reputation to optimize delivery, and improve conversions. Review-Email Delivery these top tips and make sure your organization is following all of them:

Ping Test Emails

Always ping test your emails prior to your initial campaign, especially if it is an older list, a trade show list, or a prospect list. And once ping tested, never use failed ping tested emails.

No Longer At

Monitor your autoreplies and remove no longer at and retired immediately after every campaign. These email responses must be closely reviewed, as the autoreply can come for a source that is different from the actual email that should be removed.

Consistency & Frequency

The consistency and frequency of your email campaigns is important in maintaining a positive sender reputation. ISPs attempt to create and evaluate the email marketing history for your domain. The more consistent you are, and the more reasonable you are with your frequency, the more likely you are to create a solid reputation as a sender. That assumes you are following the other tips listed herein.

Avoid/Diminish Complaints

Lots of complaints will spell lots of trouble for your sender reputation and domain. The best way to avoid complaints is to limit campaign frequency (every two weeks for most general campaigns is a good rule of thumb), honor opt-outs immediately, focus on quality content and collateral, and restrict “sales” pitches.

Avoid Spam Traps (Honeypots)

Spam traps, sometimes referred to as honeypots, are email addresses specifically created to catch email from marketers who don’t follow email best practices. The traps target marketers who are scraping email addresses from the web or are simply blasting emails using poor quality lists. Sufficient “catches” by spam traps can result in low deliverability or even domain blacklisting.

Use Relevant, Educational Content

“Buy my stuff and save money now”! If your content is salesy, spammy and irrelevant, your sender reputation will be adversely impacted, and it will happen quickly. Try to make your content relevant and educational. Changing regulations, industry innovation, important news of the day, and educational webinars are going to be better received than an invitation to buy your products or services.

Email marketing is both an art and a science, and is increasing in complexity and deliverability nuance. It can be a great lead generator when properly used, or a waste of time and money when used with an email “blast” mentality. Insurance agency marketers lacking the time or resources to accomplish this type of initiative can outsource their campaigns to a proficient insurance agency marketing firm.


Source by Alan Blume

Make Money With Google AdSense Today


Blogging has gotten very big in the last few years. Almost everyone, especially the younger generations, have a blog of sort. For many, blogging is merely considered personal, but there are others which pursue blogging as a career. With the rising popularity of blogging, a lot of people now make money blogging. There are many ways to earn money through blogging, but perhaps one of the most effective is to make money with Google AdSense.

There are many online marketing tips that need to be considered if someone wants to make it as a blogger. The most important tip to keep in mind is how to build and maintain subscribers. Just like in any other enterprise, it is always a good thing to build audience, because the more people are exposed to a certain product, or in this case, a blog, the more opportunities there are to make money.

A lot of people wonder how it is possible to earn anything through blogging, some even wonder if it is even possible, since blogs for the most part, are considered by many as personal even if it talks about very objective topics such as news, fashion, cars, etc. what some people do not know is that blogs are actually a great platform on which companies could advertise their brands and products. Since blogs are more ‘personal’, that means that people can relate to them more than regular websites. They tend to trust blogs more because they are written by individuals they can intimately identify with. That’s what makes blogs very useful tools in advertising.

Blogs can earn money through Google by allowing relevant advertisements to be posted on their blog. They will earn points every time people click on the advertisements on their blogs. These points can then be converted into money. This is how most bloggers get their money through blogs. Some of them even earn so much money that they have left their day jobs to concentrate full time on their blogs. Although it can be a difficult and daunting pursuit, those who become really successful feel very blessed for they get to earn money doing the things that they want and writing the things that are close to their heart.

Blogs are indispensable, nowadays. They have become one of the main sources where people get information from, and blogs also have become one of the best places where people can interact with each other, and learn about the newest products from advertisements.



Email Marketing Practices and AWeber, Which Do You Need?


What happens when people start following you? You will find yourself needing an email platform. I use AWeber however; there are a others to choose from.

In other segments we talked about “How do I… Blog?” I also walked you through “What happens after you write a Blog? Part One and Part Two”. To pick up where we left off, I want to mention you will start gathering a following. This is a group of people who are interested in what you have to say. Once you start getting these followers you need to organize them. How do you organize these people? Well, one way is to use an email platform.

What is an email platform?

In a nutshell it is a way to store email addresses you get from those interested in following you. Once you have emails you can now communicate with these people over and over again.

Lets say you are writing a blog each day and sharing your knowledge. You are doing everything mentioned in the previous articles and now people are following you. You now need somewhere to put these interested people so you may continue to connect with them. You may want to share special information with just them that you don’t want to share with everyone on the internet. How are you going to do this? With a mailing platform.

There are different companies offering mailing platforms however; the one I use is AWeber. They offer a $1 to try them out. If you like them, continue to use them. If you have another platform and want to try something else, try AWeber, and remember it is $1 for a trial. They make it easy to switch with migrate software. They also provide step by step instructions for this. Find out more here.

If you are new to email platforms there are a few things you need to know. They help you to set up newsletters, collect subscribers and track your progress. They also integrate with your Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, and your blog to allow you easier ways to get your messages out.

Starting with the newsletters. Maybe you want to write something special (an offer, training technique, or just a warm welcome) to the people following you. You write a newsletter in your email platform and it will be mailed out to those you choose. You can even schedule your message for a certain day if you choose. An example would be for Valentines or something – you might not want to send it out in January- so you simple put it in a schedule.

I don’t know about other platforms so I will tell you about the one I use, AWeber. The AWeber platform offers me really cool templates that make my newsletters and blog posts newsletters pop; they become unique to me. I love having this ability.

There is also a feature where I can tell AWeber my blog information and each time I write a new blog they grab it and put it in my mailing list for me. No more remembering to do it on my own or spending time doing steps over and over again. This saves me probably 10 minutes of time for each post I write. I know 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time but it can be if you forget to copy your posts into the mailing platform, as I have, and you have a bunch to catch up on. AWeber simplifies my life.

Email platforms allow image hosting. The images will be stored in a gallery for use whenever you choose. The images are added to your masterpiece newsletters by just dragging and dropping them into the messages. The images you upload can be moved, resized, and replaced just by clicking.

One more great feature email platforms offer is Facebook and Twitter help. They send your followers a link to your newest information. This helps you grow a list (people who follow you) by adding a sign-up to your message.

I could go on and on about how having an email platform will help you but really you need to try it for yourself. I found a few helpful videos that explain how email platforms are a valuable tool for you.


Source by Vicki Stanley Brown

Google Adsense Profit: Three Steps To Triple Your Adsense Earnings

If you’re like nearly every Webmaster who has Google AdSense on your websites, you have undoubtedly been tempted by the AdSense Gurus who promise to teach you how to make a gazillion dollars a month with no extra work. While this of course sounds enticing, like everything else on the web; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I’m going to tell you up front, for free, what all the gurus charge $40 to $250 to learn.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you’re ready to receive this earth shattering, mind blowing secret that will MAKE YOU MONEY RIGHT NOW!?

The secret is; There are no AdSense secrets!

Believe me, if there was a secret method to make thousands of dollars a month with little to no work, none of these gurus would go through all the effort to tell the world about it. They would exploit the secret themselves and sit in their walrus leather super massage loungers on their solid gold super yachts and laugh at all the poor saps following the rules

There are no AdSense secrets, just common sense and a couple of neat little ideas that you can implement that will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the AdSense ads being served on your website. And an increased CTR means increased MIYP (Money In Your Pocket).

The first thing you must realize is that content is king. If your website does not have an abundance of keyword rich, search engine friendly content that provides a valuable service to your visitors, no amount of AdSense tweaking in the world will make a difference. There are far too many sites slapped together with the sole intention of generating AdSense income. In fact, for $40 or so on eBay, you can buy a CD with over 350 websites themed to high paying keywords and setup for Adsense. All you have to do is enter your AdSense information and sit back while the Mailman struggles to deliver the hernia inducing bags of AdSense checks to your doorstep.

This is a really cool fantasy, one I like to entertain almost as much as the winning the Lottery fantasy, but it just isn’t going to happen. These sites have no original, valuable content. People who may be suckered into visiting one of the sites will see that in an instant, and view the Google AdSense ads as a desperate and annoying attempt at fooling them into clicking. If a live AdSense editor were ever to visit one of these sites, your AdSense account would be suspended quicker than you can say click fraud.

The underlying non-secret that all the AdSense gurus want to sell you is that if your AdSense ads look like content, and are tightly keyed to your own valuable, original content, you will see your CTR rate double at the least, and more likely triple or more.

I recently began implementing the three steps I am about to reveal to you, and my average daily CTR on one of my sites went from .86% to over 4% literally overnight. Now this is a new site, just under a month old and I only get around 100 visitors a day, but I went from $0.30 a day in AdSense revenue to an average of $6.00 a day in AdSense revenue. Now scale those numbers up to the amount of traffic an established site is getting, and you can see just how phenomenal of an increase this is.

1. Remove the AdSense Border. By default, the AdSense units are surrounded by a border with a text box at the top that says “Ads by Gooooogle”. You goal is to work the AdSense units into your content as seamlessly as possible, so get rid of the borders. Now, Google won’t allow you to delete the borders, but they do allow you to control the colors of nearly every element of an AdSense unit. Simply make the border the same color as the background of your website. This goes for the background color of the AdSense unit as well, change it to match the background color of your webpage.

2. Use Rectangular Box Sizes for your AdSense Units. Like most people, when I first started with Adsense, I primarily used the horizontal skyscraper, you know, the one that looks like a banner. The problem is people have developed an advertising sensory overload, they don’t even see banner ads anymore, they visually tune them out. You need to make your AdSense unit blend in with your content, so use rectangular boxes. I get the best response with the 336X280 box size. Most languages are read from left to right, so try to place your rectangular AdSense unit in a table aligned to the right of your text.

3. It’s all about the colors. Google gives you an incredible amount of leeway with the colors you can select for your AdSense units. Use this to your favor, in addition to changing the border and background color, change the link and URL color as well. Most people are accustomed to clickable links being blue, so make sure your AdSense links are blue, with one exception: if you use a different link color on your site, change the AdSense links to match that color. At the bottom of each AdSense unit there is the URL for website paying for that ad. You want to draw attention away from the URL and towards the clickable link, change the color of the link to match the body color of the ad, generally black.

Just follow these three simple guidelines and I assure you, your CTR will skyrocket. Keep adding more original, relevant content to your site, increase your targeted traffic, and watch your AdSense revenue explode.

There are many more AdSense techniques that will increase your CTR, but these three are the most important. Watch for future articles in which I explain the importance of positioning your AdSense units and how to track your AdSense campaigns using channels.


Using Email Marketing Software to Make Money Online


In the world of fast paced technology and competitive internet marketing strategies, email marketing software has allowed millions of entrepreneurs to harness the pure energy and power that this consumer communication method can provide. Many entrepreneurs and businesses in the virtual world have found that by implementing the use of email marketing software, they can great greatly increase their ability to make money online. Marketing through the use of the internet is quickly growing in popularity, as is the software programs out there that are designed to automate it.

By discovering an email marketing software that will work to automate your endeavors in this particular advertising strategy, you can literally observe your business and all the endeavors of your business traveling to new heights. All of these program types are designed to handle large amounts of email transactions on a daily basis. This can prove to be quite beneficial when it comes to the communication between your business and your current clients, as well as potential clients. This is especially true if you can discover a program that can enhance your email transactions by incorporating various features and enhancements.

When looking to purchase email marketing software so that you can increase the opportunity that you can make money online, it is important to ensure that the program has a certain level of basic features that can be used to automate your business. The following details some of the features that you should look forward to when choosing email marketing software:

1. The program should include a preset number of templates that can assist you in your email marketing campaign. These templates will allow you to create professional looking emails that you can send to your subscribers, your current customers, and even your leads.

2. When choosing an email marketing program, it is important to ensure that you have the ability to track using a database that the program implements. It is essential to be able to track what you are doing when it comes to your email marketing campaign.

3. In order to run your email marketing campaign effectively, it is important that the software for email marketing has the ability to manage certain lists. You may have one list for your potential leads, a list for your current customers, and a list for those that you have working relationships with. This is absolutely essential when it comes to fully automating your business.

4. When you have an email software program working for you, it is important to ensure that you have the ability to send messages that are considered to be plain text as well as html. It is important to understand that some customers and/or leads may not be able to read html messages, so you want to have a plain text version that goes out as well.


There are many different ways that you can automate your business by using a program that handles your email lists. In addition to this, you can make money online by implementing the use of an email marketing software product.


Source by Terry Zambri

Passive Income, YouTube And the Google AdSense Program

One of the many wonders of the internet, is that the giant Google have made it incredibly easy for you to generate a bit of income by using their AdSense program.

In 2006, Google did something amazing. They bought YouTube. On the surface, this may sound quite innocent, but this was a global marketing goldmine for them and an opportunity for anyone to make a bit of money from it.

When we search for something on the internet, most of us use Google’s search engine, sometimes without realising how wonderful it is. We key in a few words in the search box and up comes lots of websites with information on your chosen subject. Just think how difficult this was to do in the old days of reference libraries and encyclopedias!

In that list of searches, up near the top will nearly always be, you’ve guessed it, a YouTube video! It’s rather obvious now that the search engine and YouTube are owned by the same company.

A key point to all of this is that most people would rather learn about something, or be entertained by watching a video, rather than reading lots of text about it. It’s just the way we are these days.

When we click on the YouTube link to watch a video, it will either start with an advert, which should be relevant to the subject that you searched for, or a pop up window will appear sometime during the playback of the video. If you click on this, you will be taken off to a relevant website.

If the advert, or even a portion of it, is watched at the start of your video, or clicked on during playing your video, Google pays the maker of it a small payment if you have chosen to ‘monetise’ your video.

What this means is that you can make lots of informative or entertaining videos and earn lots of micro payments from it. This is a great passive income machine and a great way to supplement your income.

To start off this process, you need to sign up to a Google AdSense program and open an account, which is free. You can even get the money generated paid into your bank account.

The more informative and entertaining your videos are, the more popular they will be and the more money you will make from them. So there are always channels to promote your videos via Twitter and Facebook.

Email Marketing Is Good For Business


Email marketing has proven to be an important tool for good business development and the biggest option for marketing online today!

What is email marketing? This is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising message. It is one of the fastest and effective way of marketing your products and services, yet economical to use.

Most online business people and yourself would like to have a successful email marketing campaigns and attract more customers sites. Before you reach the top, you have to get started by:

1. Knowing the areas of concern from your target audience is good:

Find out topics that your readers really love and their comments on your email marketing list. What are the most frequently asked questions? What do my viewers frequently study? If your dedicated mails have good content, then your email marketing results will improve tremendously. All this will give you a clue on what business interests them most and concentrate on that topic.

2. Provide feedback:

Select a format for email marketing that enables your viewers use to give you feedback. Whether they are positive or negative reactions, this good for evaluations and adjustments and improve on your mails. You will know their interests as well.

3. Give free counsel on email marketing:

When you give expert advice or good suggestions to your viewers as you are giving them something to remember, appreciate and act upon. Give short highlights on reliable and truthful information from specific articles that relate to their topic of interest is another way of gaining the trust. When they demand for counsel, give it free and refer them to do more research on email marketing on-line.

4. Align your database in order:

Get an organized recording system of contacts, updated with new activities and new trends in the market that will make email marketing easy for you.

5. Find the best Email Delivery Service: which is professional and right for your business. Like ‘ A Weber’ for instance.

The more you research on email marketing, the more you discover that newsletters are a lot more effective way of advertising; with compelling content,which is good for business than Print Media. Please note the points below:

  • Email marketing demands that you circulate newsletters because they are an effective way of increasing sales and attracting customers to your company.
  • It is a good communication tool which alerts customers about your product or service prior to face to face conversation selling.
  • This requires a distribution of information on your product an indication that you care for your customers. When the messaging is done consistently throughout the year, you will be assured of hitting a good sale because you have shared information and also have involved your customer in your newsletter.
  • A professionally written newsletter must have valuable and sufficient content. This can be expert advice on how to use the product, updates on the latest trends in the market and hints on something. This will often attract your target audience and drive more traffic and will encourage them to subscribe to your website.
  • Before sending out bulk emails, be courteous and ask permission from your recipients even though they are your friends in business. Some may not have interest in your product and will divert your mails to the spam folder.
  • For good business, It is necessary that you use the right software for your large email lists.
  • Lengthy newsletters and focusing on your competitors is bad for business. You know you can do better than that. Just concentrate and improve on your brand again and again, advertise it well and you will succeed in business.
  • With a newsletter, you require building a big social network. There is no better interactive network than the internet. An active social network is good at word of mouth marketing. In this community, messages are coordinated faster amongst themselves.

For more detailed information on email marketing and research, please go online.

Email marketing with use of newsletters is good for business. You can start advertising your products today using the above suggestions and success to you!


Source by Alice Stella Musoke

How To Make Money Online Easily With Google AdSense


The internet has practically turned around how modern day people conduct their affairs. Today more and more people are handing in resignation letters to their bosses so as to make money online. Online jobs have been a little tricky to land, but not after Google joined the fray. If you have been having second thoughts about quitting employments, you will be at your boss’ door as soon as you are done reading this guide.

Recommended websites:


Google has enabled you to make some good money working from home thanks to the introduction of Google AdSense program. This program works in conjunction with your blog to analyze keywords related to a particular topic. AdSense will then automatically attaches links to relevant adverts on your blog pages. Here are the steps you need to follow to make money online from Google:

1. Choose the particular topic you want to write about on you site or blog and compare with similar topics on Google Trends.

2. Open a blog and dedicated to your topic of choice and fine tune it to incorporate the most commonly searched topics. Consider directly integrating AdSense directly to your site. Sign up for a Google account of you are yet to have one.

3. After going through the terms of agreement, sign up for a Google AdSense account. Configure your AdSense banner to appear exactly like you want it to on your blog. This way, you will give users of your blog a more personalized online experience.

4. Copy the code for the banner and include it include it at the necessary place in your blog. This step will vary depending on your host or blog provider.

The good thing is that there are very few requirements for those who need to make money online with Google. As long as you are computer and internet literate, you are almost ready to start earning some good income from the world’ most populous search engine. All you now need is a personal computer with a working internet connection and an installed web browser.


Needless to say, AdSense gives you an easy way to start earning money without any active involvement. After you have integrated it to your blog, you will be earning money even while asleep. Needless to say, you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss.


The process involved in setting up a blog is not as easy as opening an online writing account or working as a virtual assistant. You also have to be actively following search trends on Google Trends and adjusting your blog content.

Making money online with Google clearly isn’t as easy as most other options. However, good things do not come easy. In as much as you will need some time and patience to create a blog and sign up with Google AdSense, the return will be more than handsome. You will need to first accustom yourself with how blogs operate before venturing into this trade.



Is Co-Op List Building the Best Form of Automated Email Marketing?


There are a lot of traditional and well known methods out there for building up your email list, and my favorites tend to be automated email marketing methods.

The traditional ones tend to be pretty commonly used- things like article marketing, search engine marketing and video marketing are all good to build you email marketing lists. Still, there are plenty of unconventional methods that your email marketing campaign can greatly profit from if you incorporate them into your overall list building strategy. These are less common methods that are none-the-less still incredibly effective for getting people to opt in to your newsletter. One of these non-traditional methods of list building for automated email marketing success is Co-Op List Building.

This is how co-op list building works.

Basically, you join a co-op and all the members of this co-op are given a tiny piece of javascript that they place onto their website or their blog. I’m sure you have seen these before.

When you go there you’re going to be greeted by this annoying little pop up window. On this pop up window are about 7 or 8 different email marketing lists. The pop up has a small description, about one line long, of each of these different newsletters related to your targeted email marketing niche. A number of these boxes are going to be pre-checked, and people will read through the descriptions and check the ones that they want. They then input their name and email address, fill out a verification form and submit all of it.

Now, this isn’t about putting up 7 or 8 links to your own newsletter. In fact, only one of the options is to sign up for my newsletter. The rest are composed of other people’s newsletters who are in the same targeted email marketing niche as I’m in.

Basically, I display their newsletter in my little pop up ad and they display my newsletter in their website’s little pop up. We work together; we leverage each other’s traffic to help all of us, and the whole thing is done passively, some true automated email marketing right here.

This co-op works off of what’s known as a credit system. Basically, whenever a visitor comes to your site and your pop up window shows up, you get a few credits. Each of those credits is worth 1 showing of your ad on other people’s pop up windows. It’s real simple, and real effective. And perhaps best of all for ease of integration into your email marketing campaign, it takes about no time to set up and passively gets new people who are targeted to your niche to check out your newsletter and be exposed to it and quite possibly sign up for it.

You’ll build your list quickly, it works with pretty much every autoresponder services, and it’s completely free to get started on it.


Source by Justin Glover

How to Earn an Income Online Through Google AdSense


The Internet abounds with opportunities for us to earn an income from. There are many ways for us to earn money online. For example, we can earn money online in the following ways:

– Google AdSense

– Affiliate Marketing

– Paid Surveys

– Blogging

In this article, we will discuss how to earn an income online through Google AdSense. (If you wish to know how to earn an income online through affiliate marketing, I invite you to read another article of mine, ‘How to Earn an Income Online through Affiliate Marketing’.)

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the placing of advertisements by the world’s renowned Google Search Engine on our blog or website. These Google advertisements are from merchants or individuals who are advertising their products or services. When a visitor to our blog or website clicks on such an advertisement on our blog or website, the merchant or individual in question will pay Google a fee, of which we will get a cut of it from Google.

To run such income-generating advertisements on our blog or website, we have to firstly, sign up for a Google AdSense account, which can be done at:

Next, we activate our account, and receive Google advertisements on our blog or website by copying and pasting Google AdSense ad codes onto our blog or web pages.

After that, our next step is to draw visitors (traffic) to our blog or website. Just as in a brick-and-mortar store that needs traffic so as to bring in the sales, so does our e-business (blog or website). There are many ways to drive traffic to our blog or website, which in themselves, are a large topic.



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